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gorgeous authentic alpine village - in the heart of one of the world's largest ski areas

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The village:  traditional mountain charm + world class skiing

Châtel is a beautiful village in the French Alps full of spectacular scenery and traditional mountain charm.  It’s situated at the end of the picturesque and rural Abondance valley and set between Lake Geneva and Mont-Blanc.  


Not far from the Swiss border at 1200m above sea level, Châtel has grown over the years from a small farming community to become a world-class ski resort (as well as a very popular summer destination).  Despite this, Châtel remains an authentic perfectly preserved mountain village – there are many working farms which contribute to the village’s economic development – and one which has maintained that feel by gradually expanding while still respecting the environment and its heritage.  


Although well known by the French, Châtel is largely undiscovered by many British skiers, primarily because there are no major tour operators based here.  However it’s unquestionably a hidden treasure, with an atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the Alps, sitting in the heart of one of the largest ski areas in the world.

Chalet Isobel is perfectly located close to the skiing

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