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everything you need for a self-catered stay - but with flexible eating options in conjuction with the excellent Le Renard restaurant next door!

Kitchen - Chalet Isobel
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We have a few excellent and flexible eating options available to guests at Chalet Isobel.




Enjoy the freedom of self-catering by dictating what and when you want to eat.  Our kitchen (which is part of the open plan living space on the first floor) is kitted out with all the equipment and utensils that you'll need,

Dinner at Le Renard

Chalet Isobel is lucky enough to be situated next door to one of the best restaurants in Châtel, Le Renard.

Provided that a booking has been made a minimum of 1 week in advance (by emailing Le Renard), guests at Chalet Isobel can take advantage of residents rates for dinner at Le Renard,  You can book for every evening of your stay (except Tuesday evenings, when Le Renard is closed), or alternatively on whichever evenings you'd like to eat there.

Le Renard Restaurant and Bar area:  Check out this 360 degree view of Le Renard's restaurant and bar area!

Your Chalet Chef - Private Catering

If you'd rather not do the cooking yourself, then another alternative is to book Your Chalet Chef, who have weekly packages available which include 6 days of breakfast, afternoon tea, and 2 or 3 course dinners (with wine) - which includes vegetarian options. 


They take care of the shopping, and freshly prepare and serve the meals you ordered in Chalet Isobel, ensuring the kitchen and dishes are left clean each night.  It is advised to book early!

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